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“...we are getting our time back”

-Christine Lawson, Senior Vice President, Sales & Catering
 Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants



Grab a thesaurus, and look up “hospitality sales and catering.” Most likely, it will show one word: Delphi. Well, maybe not exactly. However, Delphi sales and catering remains the industry standard for empowering hotels and venues worldwide to increase revenue and bookings, lower costs, and improve guest satisfaction.

Delphi Sales and Catering

  • Sales Management capabilities provide easy-to-understand dashboard views of critical metrics for properties, sales teams, and individual sales representatives.
  • Catering and Event Management simplifies the creation and management of Banquet Event Orders (BEOs) and Event Orders (EOs), banquet checks, menus, and pricing.
  • Account and Contact Management allows for the viewing and updating of accounts and contacts as well as multi-property sharing of accounts.
  • Business (Booking) Management streamlines booking activity and the use of booking data.
  • Availability and Inventory Control provides an easy-to-understand view of the Function Diary and Group Room Control (GRC) to search for and block available space.
  • Leads and Inquiries improve the management and response to leads from lead channels and help align marketing resources.
  • Mobilization with N2GO enables sales representatives to utilize mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones to access Delphi information and functionality – all while on the move. 
  • Reporting and Analytics present visibility into sales and catering operations using canned or ad-hoc reports.
  • Globalization capabilities support multi-language, multi-currency, exchange rate management, and regional settings.

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Delphi 2015

Delphi 2015 is designed for hospitality organizations that want to implement or update to the latest version of Delphi and take advantage of mobile features including N2GO.


Delphi+ provides significantly enhanced catering functionality, workflows, and reporting tools that improve employee productivity and business operations. Delphi+ is recommended for either existing Delphi customers or new customers with advanced catering and event requirements.

Delphi Module

N2GO provides convenient access to Delphi information and functionality via mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. The results are more productive sales teams, increased client satisfaction, and improved revenue growth - success in action.

Deployment Options: Choices That Fit

Delphi is available as a service, hosted, or on premise. Newmarket gives hospitality professionals the control, flexibility, visibility, and peace of mind needed to successfully manage and grow business.

Delphi as a Service / Hosted

On Premise

Integration Options: Designed for Flexibility

Delphi is expandable to address the diverse needs of all hospitality organizations. It integrates with other Newmarket solutions as well as those from leading third party vendors, such as:

  • PremiumView provides meeting intelligence delivered to the Delphi Inbox to help uncover leads and win group business.
  • MeetingBroker routes RFPs from leading distribution channels to the Delphi Inbox of sales representatives.
  • eProposal enables sales team members to quickly and easily answer RFPs from within Delphi to gain a first responder advantage.
  • Connex provides integration with third party vendors such as Property Management Systems (PMS), Revenue Management Systems (RMS), and Event Management Systems (EMS). Learn more about integration for Delphi to Opera OXI and Delphi to LMS.