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Interactive Floor Plans and Diagrams

According to a survey from Frost and Sullivan, meetings and events business represents up to 30% of a venue’s annual revenue. The key to winning group meetings business is to present venues in the most favorable light by providing Event Planners the information they need about meeting space in a way they can easily understand. Once the business has been won, the ability to execute flawless events is important to ensure client satisfaction. In fact, research indicates that 85% of guest satisfaction is created by the impression when they first walk into a room, so attention to detail is critical. Solutions for Interactive Floor Plans and Diagrams help venues deliver useful property information and execute successful events.

Meeting the Needs of Event Planners – Now and in the Future

Step #1: Event Planners visit venue websites to conduct preliminary evaluations of meeting space and often create shortlists of possible properties based on their impressions. Only after shortlists are created will Event Planners reach out to venues for the first time, so it is critical that websites present accurate information in easily accessible formats.  

Step #2: Once the business has been won, venues need to work closely with Event Planners to manage and deliver exceptional events. Guests evaluate and judge Event Planners based on their impression of event success. If venues are able to help Event Planners execute their events flawlessly and create happy clients, relationships are solidified and future business opportunities will follow.

Questions for Consideration

  • Are Event Planners able to get all the information they expect and need from the venue website to conduct thorough preliminary evaluations?
  • Is meeting space information presented in a way that is easily understood for both experienced and casual Event Planners?
  • Can Event Planners access supported setup styles and their capacities for all meeting rooms? 
  • Is interactive functionality provided to allow Event Planners to test different setups of meeting spaces during the evaluation stage?
  • Are room diagrams accurate enough to ensure precise execution of event setups? 

Helping Venues Win More Event Planner Business

Solutions for Interactive Floor Plans and Diagrams help venues improve the marketing of their meeting space online and streamline the event execution process.

iPlan is designed for venues to provide experienced as well as casual Event Planners the ability to quickly and easily evaluate meeting space on their websites. It helps Event Planners evaluate the area surrounding venues by highlighting relevant attractions such as restaurants and other areas of interest. iPlan includes detailed floor plans, meeting room diagrams, room capacities for supported setup styles, and even the ability to create preliminary room diagrams to design and test various setups.

MeetingMatrix enables collaboration between venues and Event Planners during the designing of room setups. It eliminates guesswork and confusion by enabling the creation of accurate and detailed event diagrams. MeetingMatrix even converts 2D setup diagrams into interactive 3D models, enabling Event Planners to experience virtual walkthroughs of meeting space.

Certified Room Diagrams is a service that creates room diagrams used by iPlan and MeetingMatrix. Professionals come on-site to measure indoor and outdoor space with accuracy to ¼ of an inch, accounting for details such as columns, electrical outlets, and built-in cabinets. This ensures exact precision of room diagrams so there are no surprises during the actual creation and setup of rooms, resulting in flawless event execution.

Key Benefits of Interactive Floor Plans and Diagrams

  • Improve interaction and communication by making it easy for Event Planners to evaluate venues
  • Create competitive advantage and win more business by showing venues in the best light 
  • Accurately present all details of meeting space such as columns and electrical outlets
  • Eliminate confusion with room setups to ensure flawless event execution 

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