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Meeting Intelligence

Newmarket Meeting Intelligence (formerly HIS) provides full service market research to serve the hospitality industry. It empowers clients by providing industry leading market intelligence, accurate trend analysis, and innovative data management tools to dramatically increase groups and catering revenues.

For over 25 years, Newmarket Meeting Intelligence has been THE trusted source of competitive meeting intelligence for the hospitality industry. In fact, Newmarket Meeting Intelligence created the readerboard industry when it opened its doors in 1989. Since then, Newmarket Meeting Intelligence has grown to provide data to about nearly every U.S. market and across the globe. With the widest variety of competitive meeting intelligence data that utilizes the strictest data accuracy and delivery standards, Newmarket Meeting Intelligence provides customers with the information they need to uncover more opportunities and book more business.

PremiumView: A Complete Meeting Intelligence Solution

PremiumView sets the gold standard in competitive meeting intelligence. PremiumView is designed to uncover qualified accounts, win market share, and increase group and catering revenue. It provides data that fills need periods, uncovers qualified leads, and monitors competitors as well as key accounts. It offers the widest variety of competitive meeting intelligence and follows the strictest data accuracy and delivery standards to provide sales teams with information that is immediately actionable.

The PremiumView solution includes: 

  • MarketView – readerboard service to provide timely information about meetings occurring at a defined group of competitive properties
  • LeadView – contact research to verify and provide the name, address, and phone number of Event Planners responsible for booking meetings
  • Powersearch – a searchable database of over 21 million records, collected over 25 years, that contain information about events held by organizations 
  • Watchlist – alerts via email when specifically chosen organizations hold an event

Better Intelligence for Better Results

PremiumView provides the most accurate meeting intelligence so customers can make better decisions. With a team of researchers dedicated to collecting and verifying data, PremiumView provides the highest data accuracy rates and with the most complete reports in the market. Customers use PremiumView to help fill need periods, uncover qualified leads, and monitor key accounts to book more business. 

Questions for Consideration

  • What organizations are booking events in the local area? 
  • Who are the Event Planners that are actively planning, managing, and executing these events?
  • Are key accounts holding meetings at competitor venues?
  • What types of event business are competitors winning and with which organizations?

On-Demand Research and Reporting

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