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Service Optimization and Housekeeping

/HotSOS_Infographic.jpg?v=3The key to generating guest satisfaction and loyalty is to create an exceptional experience. From the moment guests arrive at a property, creating a sense of “home away from home” should be the goal: the check-in process should be smooth, the room should be clean, and the essentials such as hot water should always be available. 

"Home Away From Home" and Beyond

Service Optimization and Housekeeping solutions enable hospitality organizations to run at optimal efficiency and help create that “home away from home” experience guests expect. When these minimum expectations are not met, satisfaction and opinions about the properties and brands can be impacted. By streamlining operations and improving existing processes, these solutions are designed to help prevent, address, and resolve issues before they impact guests. 

It’s more than that. Service Optimization and Housekeeping solutions also have the tools to create personalized, unique experiences that go beyond the expected. Guest preferences of frequent travelers are recorded so staff can anticipate their needs. They even provide for special recognition of VIPs with enhancements such as turn down service and amenity delivery. 

Questions for Consideration

  • Are rooms being kept in top condition?
  • How quickly and effectively does personnel handle and follow-up with guest requests?
  • Do staff members know about the stay history of guests at the property and across the brand?
  • How effectively are operations being analyzed and is this information being used to make improvements?
  • Are service standards being met every day?
  • Are property assets receiving regular maintenance and operating efficiently?

Designed to Provide Guest Satisfaction and Create Loyalty

Service Optimization and Housekeeping solutions help hospitality organizations maximize efficiencies, meet expectations, and provide unsurpassed guest experiences.

HotSOS is an enterprise solution that helps deliver the sense of “home away from home” by automating and tracking preventive maintenance, service orders, and guest requests to ensure that basic services are always provided. Guest information such as preferences and past experiences are available to all properties in a group to help anticipate needs and exceed expectations. With HotSOS, personnel and assets are better managed thereby reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

REX is a room expediting solution designed to get guests into their rooms faster by intelligently assigning rooms to attendants and floor supervisors. Using two-way integration to multiple systems for room status updates as well as guest information and preferences, REX makes the room assignment and cleaning process quick and easy, resulting in less waiting and satisfied guests.

Hotel ServicePro is a Computer Maintenance Management System (CMMS) which automates the communicating, scheduling, tracking and reporting of safety requirements, preventive maintenance, guest requests, equipment management, capital expenditure and property improvement.

PMWorks is a preventive maintenance solution that decreases equipment down time and extends asset life. By generating a custom preventive maintenance calendar, it ensures that maintenance and inspections are carried out on time to optimize asset operation. PMWorks assists with enforcing corporate standards and decreasing costs for labor and repairs.

Key Benefits of Service Optimization and Housekeeping

  • Maximize staff efficiency by accessing information via mobile technologies
  • Meet expectations by identifying and resolving issues before they impact guests
  • Create unsurpassed guest experiences with personalized service and prompt response times
  • Streamline the check-in process by minimizing wait times for rooms
  • Prevent equipment issues by automatically scheduling and tracking asset maintenance



Service Optimization


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