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Automate and track preventive maintenance, service orders, and guest requests.

HotSOS is the ideal tool.


HotSOS (Hotel Service Optimization System)

Is providing a clean room and a complimentary newspaper enough today? For some, it may be a good start, but guests today are discerning, sophisticated, and have more choices than ever for their lodging needs. In addition to the fundamentals that every guest expects as a minimum, hospitality organizations need to be smarter about their execution by delivering an exceptional experience. How is that created?


Give Them What They Want

HotSOS is the ideal tool. A clean room, hot water, and an on-time wake-up call are essentials, but that's just where the experience begins. Guests want to feel at home. They want to be recognized. They want their needs to be anticipated and requests swiftly executed. With intelligent guest matching, profiling, and stay history features, guest information is always “at your fingertips.” Staff members can anticipate guest needs and be more proactive because unique automation provides the right information, right when they need it.

Recognize Guests Everywhere, Every Time

Of course, HotSOS delivers the essentials by automating and tracking preventive maintenance, service orders, and guest requests. But, since it is enterprise-enabled, and delivered via the Internet, it also improves the overall guest experience. With a VIP arriving, imagine knowing what kind of room he prefers and his previous experience with other properties throughout the organization. Talk about recognition!

Intuitive to Use

The Guest Call Assistant screen gives staff a complete view of the guest, including stay history, outstanding incidents and requests, and even guest preferences. The Order Console allows personnel to easily view their department work in a format that makes sense. Easy-to-use screens allow staff to create and update service orders and run reports, keeping training costs to a minimum.

Go beyond the essentials of guest expectation. HotSOS provides market-leading technology to anticipate needs, reduce costs, increase staff productivity, and optimize hospitality service.

HotSOS Mobile

HotSOS Mobile pr/HotSOSMobileRed_logo.png?v=3ovides access to HotSOS information in real-time via mobile devices. With a team-based approach, it manages workload with assigned group "buckets" to maximize staff member skill sets and improve productivity and accountability. With customized prioritization capabilities, properties address the most important issues and increase guest satisfaction.

Highlighted Features

  • Multi-lingual IVR
  • Multi-lingual dispatching and screens
  • Guest Service Console
  • Guest profile and stay history
  • Automated, intelligent business rules dispatching
  • Automated report delivery
  • SaaS model

Key Benefits of HotSOS

  • Reduce guest call waiting times and execute more efficiently to yield faster responses
  • “Wow” guests by recognizing repeat business across the organization and anticipating their needs
  • Reduce labor and maintenance costs while increasing asset life
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