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Respond quickly and easily to inquiries and RFPs with an easy-to-navigate electronic brochure.

Create positive first impressions that help win business.



The increased volume of electronic meeting requests for proposals (RFPs) has left many hospitality organizations struggling to keep up with demand while searching for strategies to separate themselves from the pack. eProposal enables sales representatives to respond quickly and easily to inquiries and RFPs with an easy-to-navigate electronic brochure that provides exquisite graphics, rich content, and multimedia options. It creates positive first impressions that help win business.

Proposals that Stand Out in the Crowd

eProposal provides advanced capabilities that uniquely showcase each property or venue in the RFP. Using web technologies, eProposal enables sales team members to deliver proposals and animated presentations that highlight attributes, locations, facilities, and services. Proposals can be customized to focus on the specific interests and needs of each prospect.

Designed to be user friendly, eProposal delivers a complete and detailed response without the need to send a large or incompatible file that could otherwise be blocked by email filters. Prospects are able to access the password protected proposal via a web browser where it can be easily forwarded to other decision-makers or reviewers.

Proposals that are Made to Order

For example, a Sales Manager receives an RFP and uses eProposal to quickly respond, just like ordering a pizza. The Sales Manager easily builds the proposal as contact and event related information are pulled from the sales and catering solution – the pizza crust. Standard content, greeting, and closing for the cover letter are selected from a menu – the sauce and cheese. To further personalize it, the client logo, local attractions, and menus are added based on the specific RFP – the pepperoni and other toppings. The Sales Manager then sends an email with link and password for the client to access the proposal online – speedy delivery. Once the proposal is viewed, the Sales Manager is alerted, contacts the prospect, and closes the business – delicious success!

Proposals that Integrate with Ease

eProposal is flexibly designed to gather requests from a variety of RFP sources, such as MeetingBroker, company website, or internal facing presentation tools. Then, with integration to sales and catering solutions such as Delphi, users are able to pull information directly from inquiries and create their responses. This eliminates duplicate data entry and allows users to quickly respond to prospects, ultimately gaining the first responder advantage.

Key Benefits of eProposal

  • Showcase the property and highlight its unique attributes with images, multimedia, and attachments
  • Shorten response time and improve employee productivity by quickly and easily building proposals
  • Provide a customized proposal for each opportunity
  • Increase proposal conversion rate by being the first responder